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  Business Development, Strategy, and Management Services

  • Initial assessment, strategic analysis, economic and financial evaluation of projects and new businesses.
  • Business development and support for new projects: development of local partnerships, selection of sub-contractors, information analysis.
  • Assistance in preparation of proposals and bidding documentation: legal and regulatory assistance, strategy.
  • Strategic evaluation and negotiation of contracts
  • Financial analysis and project finance assessment
  • Re-engineering and management quality improvement in public utilities providing water and sanitation services
  • Benchmarking: Optimization of management processes in public utilities providing water and sanitation services. Comparative analysis of management indicators. Determination and analysis of areas of improvement. Development and implementation of management optimization strategies. Cost reductions.
  • Institucional development and strategies for public service delivery.
  • Service quality assessment. Evaluation of processes and quality indicators. Product and process quality control.
  • System Dynamics: Systems evaluation and modeling for optimization of management processes and policy analysis.