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PPIAF-ADERASA- World Bank (Costa Rica):

With the assistance of the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) and World Bank funding, the Association of Water and Sewage Regulatory Agencies of the Americas (ADERASA), is developing a system of performance indicators for benchmarking of water utilities.
Benchmarking aims at reducing information asymmetries and simulating a competitive environment.

NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. was retained by the World Bank to provide support and advice to ADERASA National Benchmarking Scheme for Costa Rica in preparation for implementation and follow up activities related with benchmarking of local operator performance.

To achieve this objective, NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. developed a training program to introduce the use of metric benchmarking for optimization of water and wastewater services.
A database was built with information given by Costa Rica operators, setting a system of Performance Indicators. The database for Costa Rica, was added to the databases built in other member countries. The results of this project are published in www.aderasa.org.


PPIAF-ADERASA- World Bank (Colombia):
After the success of the project in Costa Rica, the World Bank retained NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc., within similar terms of reference, to develop a local system of Performance Indicators in Colombia.
Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales (IDAAN) de Panamá:
The Inter-American Development Bank funded a program for Institutional Strengthening of the Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales (IDAAN), Panama’s main water utility. NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. was retained to develop a system of management indicators. The main purpose of this system is to optimize the performance of this state-owned utility by comparison (benchmarking) with other utilities in the region. Technical, operational, commercial, water quality, service quality, productivity, and financial aspects were covered in the proposed system. In addition to external benchmarking, these indicators will assist in the decision making process at the highest level in this institution.