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Training Courses  

Aguas Argentinas S.A., Argentina
The Universidad de Buenos Aires retained NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. to develop and deliver a training course on Sanitary Engineering for Executives of Water Utilities. The course goal was to introduce top managers and directors of the water utility of Buenos Aires to the operation and management of water and wastewater treatment plants. Performance indicators, key operational issues, and case studies were discussed during the course.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brasil
NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. developed for the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro a training course. The course was delivered to the faculty of the School of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (Escola Politécnica de Ingeniería Sanitaria, Departamento de Recursos Hídricos e Meio Ambiente). The course focused on the use of mathematical models for dynamic simulation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes. Engineering and operations managers of the public water utilities for the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro y Brasilia also attended this 2-day course.

Aguas Andinas, Chile
Aguas Andinas, the private utility that provides water and wastewater services to Santiago de Chile and the Greater Santiago area retained NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. to develop and deliver a training course on the use of BioWinTM, a software for simulation of wastewater treatment plants. This simulator has already been used for modelling three large wastewater treatment plants operated by Aguas Andinas: La Farfana (8.8 m3/s), El Trebal (4.4 m3/s) y Los Nogales (to be operational by 2009, 6.6 m3/s).

AIDIS Argentina

Daniel A. Nolasco, President of NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc., developed and delivered one-day seminar on Anaerobic Treatment of Industrial Effluents. The seminar took place in AIDIS Argentina’s training centre, in Buenos Aires, and was attended by 30 professionals: industry managers, consultants, operations managers and faculty of engineering schools.