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Dynamic Simulation and Modeling

Superintendencia de Servicios Sanitarios (SISS), Chile- Aguas Andinas:
Daniel A. Nolasco, M.Eng., M.Sc., P.Eng., President of NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc., was selected by Superintendencia de Servicios Sanitarios (SISS), Chile’s Water Regulator, as the International Expert for the tariff negotiation process for Aguas Andinas (2005-2010 period). NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc., together with the consulting group Aguas y Riles S.A, supported SISS in this successful negotiation process.

To carry out the negotiation process it was necessary to model three large wastewater treatment plants within the operational jurisdiction of Aguas Andinas: La Farfana WWTP (8.8 m3/s), El Trebal WWTP (4.4 m3/s) and Los Nogales (operational by 2009, 6.6 m3/s). NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. configured and calibrated a dynamic mathematical model using BioWinTM. A detailed calibration process was necessary to determine process sizing to treat the pollutant loadings described by Chile’s regulations and estimate capital investment and related operation & maintenance costs. These figures were then used to calculate and negotiate tariffs for the 5-year period. Chemicals, manpower, and electrical requirements were also calculated with the use of the calibrated model.

Conestoga Rovers Associates (Canada):
NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. was retained by Conestoga Rovers Associates, a Canadian consulting group, to select and design the aeration system retrofit to fine pore diffusers at the Ingersoll WWTP in Ontario. NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. configured and calibrated a dynamic model to the existing plant. The model was used to predict loadings and oxygen requirements under various operating conditions. Model results were used by NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. to design the new fine pore aeration system, following the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) design guidelines.
Beca Pty Ltd. (Australia):
“Design of an aeration system for a wastewater treatment plant treating winery effluent from Wolf Blass Winery”.
NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. was contracted by Beca Pty. Ltd., an Australian consulting group, to develop and calibrate a dynamic model of this winery’s activated sludge treatment plant, located in Southern Australia. BioWinTM was the software used to simulate seasonal loading conditions to this plant, aeration demand and other treatment requirements to optimize the performance of this facility to meet future effluent requirements.
Grupo Bemberg:
“Technical evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Alternatives for Existing Facilities”.
NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. evaluated the existing treatment system capacity for this alcoholic beverage company in Argentina. Selection of future treatment processes for upgrading the facility (trickling filter / activated sludge) was carried out with the assistance of a dynamic model.