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Wastewater Treatment


NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. has extensive experience in wastewater treatment, both municipal and industrial. Our professionals have planned, designed, optimized, simulated, and retrofitted processes all over the world. Examples of our services include:

Treatment process optimization studies, also called process audits, are used to determine the real treatment capacity of a plant. Process audits also highlight process bottlenecks, thereby improving treatment capacity and effluent quality delaying expensive expansions. NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. specialists are pioneers in this field and their projects have won international awards.

Our staff is renowned for their experience in biological nutrient removal (BNR, phosphorus and nitrogen). Daniel A. Nolasco is one of the inventors of the Step Bio-P process, which has been implemented at various facilities. The City of Lethbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade in Alberta, Canada, retrofitted to the Step Bio-P process won the 2001 Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Award of Merit.

NOLASCO & Assoc. Inc. provides process planning, design, optimization, troubleshooting, and modelling services for industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Examples of our Work